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Winter Staff Drive of 2023 / Early 2024


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Another year and another staff drive

From now until the end of 18th January (GMT +0) everyone who applies for staff has a higher chance of being accepted. Remember that this does not mean that you will get accepted, but that the requirements have been lowered.

If you've applied in the past feel free to apply again as the normal wait period between applications has been reduced to two weeks.

Being member of the staff team

As a member of the staff team you'll gain the ability and knowledge on how to handle rule breakers on a daily basis, being able to help the server out instead of having to wait for help to arrive.
As a staff member you'll be rewarded with support credits, being able to start event rounds every 24 hours, partake in staff only giveaways and have a chance to be picked for Staff of the Month that grants an unique reward to the top staff member of the month for their hard work.


We're looking for active players that know our server rules well and can step up to the responsibilities that come with being a staff member.

Where to apply

You can apply by filling out the form in the link: https://tera.gg/forums/forms/2-staff-application/

Thank you for taking your time to read this post, and good luck on your staff app!

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