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Winter Staff Drive


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It's almost winter so we're going to have another staff drive,

from now until the end of November everyone who applies for staff has a higher chance of being accepted.

If you're reading this you're probably interested in becoming staff on our servers, so I have some good news for you; Starting now until the end of November we will have lowered the requirements for joining the team, this will make it easier for anyone to join us in keeping the server a fun and safe place for everyone to enjoy playing TTT.

If you've applied in the past feel free to apply again as the normal wait period between applications has been lifted.


What does being staff mean, and why would I want to join the team?

Being staff on the server means you gain the knowledge and ability to handle any instances of rule breaking on the servers. You'll be keeping the peace and maintaining a safe space for everyone in the community to play TTT together. As a reward for being staff you'll receive the ability to start event rounds every 24 hours, as well as Support Credits for your hard work. on top of that once a month we pick a Staff of the Month who receives unique rewards that only staff can get, as well as sometimes there are staff only giveaways.


Where do I apply?

You can apply by filling out the form found here:



I'm not sure if I should apply, what are you looking for exactly?

We're looking for responsible people who play the server frequently and know our server rules well. If you feel like that's you and you want to help uphold the rules on the servers then I recommend you apply. If you don't see many staff on during the time period you play and would like to help out please make an application as the help would be greatly appreciated. Anything that you don't already know regarding the rules or staffing a GMod server can and will be taught to you as well as how to use the tools you gain access to.

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