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Credible Club FAQ

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You may have seen members of the community with the "Credible Club" rank and wondered what exactly that means, and how they obtained that rank. Wonder no longer as I am about to outline everything you need to know about our Credible Club and what it means.

How does someone get the Credible Club rank?

All of our Credible Club members are hand picked by our Management team, currently there is no way to apply for the rank but that might change in the future so be sure to keep an eye out for information on possible changes.


What does it mean to be part of the Credible Club?

Being part of the Credible Club shows other members of the community that you are someone who upholds the values we (the management team) want to see spread throughout the community. It means that you're someone trust worthy and have proven time and time again that you're a true pillar of our community. The benefits of which being the same as the MVP role.


What do you look for when selecting members to join the Credible Club?

Credible Club members display all of the following traits consistently while also being positive role models in the community:


Being a positive influence, this could be anything from the way you treat new members of the community all the way to our most experienced players. Credible Club Members have a positive attitude that makes EVERYONE feel welcome and safe to enjoy themselves on our many platforms.


A good knowledge of our rules as well as having the morals to abide by them at all times.

This includes all our platforms like here on the forums, in game on the servers, and even in the discord.


They also understand that as role models they have a strong influence over others in the community and know how to avoid using that influence to exploit others, and treat others with the same respect they would like to receive.


Our Credible Club Members also have to have a certain level of activity on the servers, a minimum of at least 20 days playtime and if they haven't been on in over 30 days they could risk losing their rank.


If you see someone with the Credible Club rank acting in a way that goes against the above please let an HA or SM know and they will investigate the matter.

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